Fossils and prehistoric animals from ancient Colombia

Colombia, being a biodiversity hotspot since Triasic period.

More activities you can do in Bogotá and Colombia

Bogotá Botanical Garden

The botanical garden has the larger collection of plants in the city, very confortable and secure.

El Cocuy National Park - Tropical glaciers

Join the ultimate adventure on Colombian Andes, hike through dreamed landscapes.

Archeology in Bogotá and a hike in La Candelaria

This museum holds a clay pots collection and figures made more than 500 years ago by the ancient civilizations in Colombia.

Vicacha creek trail, forest inventory beside Bogotá Downtown

Join us on this live inventory to know all about the flora species on this biodiveristy hotspot in Bogotá

Fossils and prehistoric animals from ancient Colombia

Travel to the rich mesozoic and cenozoic eras of Colombia.

Why you should join us on exploring Bogotá and Colombia?

Our main goal is bring to our visitors new and more intersting ways to travel, enjoy and respect Colombia, with people that had decided to discover Colombia and take the most of their time here, where they can found with us the most breathtaking landscapes Made In Colombia.

You are more than a tourist, you become into a traveler, an explorer, and you can live the excitement of the Colombian culture.

We are a travel agency, with a though belive in sustainaility and the development of Colombia, because of that we use to involve local communities in our activities, making the less impact possible on the environment, even we look to develop scientific research around our destinations to promote the natural wellbeing.

Some other corporate services

Kybernetes, is an innovation company we address to produce tecnology development and environmental projects consulting.

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